VEDA aims at empowering graduates of circuit branches (ECE/EEE/ICE/EIE/IT/CSE) through improved skills, knowledge and internationally recognized qualifications to enable them access to decent employment and to promote inclusive national growth. VEDA would address the issues related to skill development to ensure that training is inclusive in terms of innovation, analysis and design. Our quality policy ensures that the needs of the industry are met in an effective and time-bound manner. We respond in no time to technological changes taking place in the national and international arena, employment requirements and improvements in productivity and competitiveness of industry and service. VEDA has always been an active participant in fostering interaction with the Indian industry and catering to its needs in the continuously changing technological scenario. The training program at VEDA will be catering to the needs of electronic design services (EDS) industry in the country. VEDA strives to maintain a high quality of training standards to ensure that industry’s demand for quality designers is met. Our motto is “Producing quality electronic designers by quality trainers with the help of Quality Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools”.

                                 For a country’s well-being, different sectors of the industry should perform well to create wealth for the country, and to provide job opportunities at the individual level for promoting social development. Each individual in this planet has the fundamental rights to get access to all facilities and services available. Planners in the government, CEOs in the corporate and the Academics should work towards creating opportunities for every citizen so that inclusive economic growth is made possible. Today 70% of our population depends on agriculture, which comes under the primary industrial sector, for their livelihood. Manufacturing and services sectors, secondary and tertiary industrial sectors respectively, contribute opportunities for the remaining 30% of our population. India to grow as a developed nation, dependency of population on the agriculture sector from the present level of 70% to merely 8% has to be achieved.

                       Achieving targets of this magnitude may be impossible if one looks at the facilities available 30 years ago. Now with the advanced technologies and processes available today, one can just plan for how quickly this can be achieved. To shift majority of the population towards manufacturing and services sectors, all stakeholders involved need to tune their brain oscillator towards this spectrum of thoughts (I.e. creating enormous opportunities in manufacturing and services sectors and shifting the workforce from agriculture to these areas). Realizing the objectives depends on the speedy creation of physical assets and soft assets. Creating physical and soft assets are not mutually exclusive. Creation of physical assets (infrastructure) to raise India as a developed economy depends how fast the action is taken to create soft assets (Skilled manpower). Soft assets refer to skilled workforce to meet the demands of various industrial activities. Providing quality education is the only answer to create soft assets.

                The above said objectives inspired two young minds to conceive the concept of VEDA. Exposure of these two young minds to IIT / IISC education and design industry leads to design an advanced postgraduate diploma (APD) in electronic design. This design program is offered in two major areas of electronic design viz Electronic Product Design (EPD) and VLSI Chip Design (VCD).

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